Groupware refers to applications that enable decentralized cooperation between different team members in real-time. This is therefore known as “collaborative software”. It is used within the core group of reform drivers, i.e. the strategy group and assists in improving internal communication and cooperation between reform actors as well as sharing knowledge or identifying knowledge gaps and working on them. Groupware allows quick, internal coordination and thereby increases the capability of the strategic group to react. One area of application, for instance, is internal project planning. Groupware can increase the transparency of project planning: responsibilities as well as work steps and results become clearer facilitating quick feedback.

Ideally all the functions, such as joint document processing, chat and e-mail functions, video conferences and scheduling appointments as well as a news stream are bundled into one user interface and attractively presented. Groupware is thus a comprehensive project management tool that enables the quality of the process to be controlled better as well as facilitating decentralized cooperation that does not depend on time. This is particularly helpful in project groups that have diverse compositions.